Thursday, September 25, 2008

Code Camp 2008.2

UPDATE v 2.0 - The scheduling conflicts never ended, and we have postponed the TVCC to early next year. Date and venue are TBA.

UPDATE:Due to a scheduling conflict, the next Tech Valley Code Camp (2008.2) has been moved to November 22nd.

Andy Badera and myself sat down for a bit at yesterday's Roadshow event (more on that later), and we've ironed out the date for Code Camp 2008.2.

Per Andy's blog:

"Announcing: Tech Valley Code Camp 2008.2 - November 22nd, 2008
It's official -- per conversations at yesterday's Microsoft Northeast Roadshow, we're going to make Tech Valley Code Camp 2008.2 happen. We've even moved the date up a bit -- we're now looking at November 8th, in order to avoid conflicting with a Western NY camp.

Presenters needed! We're working on getting a registration site up ASAP. Doors are open to non-Microsoft-specific tech, but we'd definitely like to see a healthy dose of Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, .NET 3.5, WPF, Silverlight, etc.

We have a few sponsors already, I'll followup with a post thanking our first several sponsors. Additional sponsorship, however, is of course quite welcome, and certainly needed.

Tech Valley Code Camp 2008(.1) was awesome! Now let's make TVCC 2008.2 an even bigger, better experience!

If you're interested in presenting or sponsorship, feel free to email either Andy or myself (or both of us). I'd prefer if you include the words Tech Valley Code Camp in the subject of the email. The venue is still TBD, but I'll hopefully have some news on that by the end of next week.

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